AI to manage your selection processes

Optimises processes, saves time and cuts the time taken to fill a vacancy, also caring for the experience of your applicants.


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A good onboarding process prevents up to 45% ofundesired employee turnover during the first 6 months of a new employee

Thisis why it is vital to take particular care during this highly critical newrecruitment period.Providea welcome with a memorable, useful onboarding process which totally integratesyour new employees.
The chatbot interacts with your new employee, even beforehe/he has been joined the workforce, answering all their concerns.Evaluatetheir adaptation to the job thanks to our virtual assistants and anticipate anypotential issues.

Employee line

Answering and processingall employees’ requests manually may generate bottlenecks, delays and a bademployee experience.

The main reason forautomating this service for employees, implementing an employee Line in yourcompany, is to establish speedy communication procedures and routes with themand to be able to provide them with excellent care.
What’s more, you willmanage to free up the support departments, replacing numerous e-mails withqueries from your employees thanks to our chatbots.
Throughnatural language processing, the virtual assistant interprets employees’questions by providing the most appropriate answer, also being able to processtheir requests and provide them with feedback about their status automatically.


Replacethe traditional questionnaire with a participative, different channel through a chatbot.

The conversational channel humanises your surveys and increases the response ratio. Collect the information from your work climate surveys in a speedy, orderly and simple manner thanks to our platform.

Exit Interview

Would you like to know the real reasons why your employees leave the company? Don’t you have time to interview everyone who leaves?

Friendlinessis always rated very highly upon completing a working relationship and this highlights that the company's commitment to the well-being of its employees issincere right till the end of their cycle.
Our automated departure interviews through our chatbots will allow you to find outthe reasons for these voluntary departures. Spend time analysing in greater depth using the information the chatbot has provided you with. Impress your employees even when they are leaving your company.

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